Holiday Gift Guide

Here is the Midwest Munchers Gift Guide.

Honestly, this is just a list of stuff we own that we LOVE and frequently buy for others. If you buy any of the items listed below for someone and they don’t like it, you probably don’t want to be friends with them anyway because they are LOSERS.

Plus everything on this list is less than $50.


This is the perfect gift for any friend, relative or someone you don’t really know that well. Let’s be honest….we’ve all been there. Everyone likes a $20 gift that involves exploring new bars/breweries and drinking beer. The 2019 Madison PubPass is a small book that gets you a free beer at 20 of the best bars and breweries in Madison, including Karben4, Next Door Brewing, One Barrel Brewing and more.


The 2019 Milwaukee PubPass costs $25 and gets you a free beer at 25 of the best bars and breweries in Milwaukee. You have all of 2019 to use it so you can travel to bars and try beers at your own pace.

Fun Fact- Mike and I don’t travel anywhere for more than four days, so a Weekender Bag is perfect for us.

I refuse to leave the dogs for any longer than a long weekend. In all actuality, it’s because anyone who watches my dogs can’t walk three dogs, so I basically have to figure out how long my dogs can survive without being walked, then plan from there. I do have a large fenced in yard, so that helps.

Okay. Okay. Okay….even as I type this, I realize how nuts I sound.


This Weekender Bag is perfect for each of us to bring on any four day trips. It has a large zippered shoe pouch at the bottom of the bag, and inside the bag there are organized compartments. It also comes with a large toiletry case. At less than $50 it’s the perfect nicer gift for anyone you know who travels.


If you watch our Instastories, you see us playing Dominion A LOT. I actually bought it when we first started dating. We were going on a weekend trip to Door County and I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough to talk about if we spent an entire weekend together.

If you’ve dated as long as I have, you always plan for the worst case scenario.

We both aren’t big board game nerds, so this is the perfect game for beginners who are looking for a quick fun game.


We spend 50% of our life eating and 50% walking or hiking with the dogs. A Wisconsin State Park pass is only $28 and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to get outdoors or has a dog.