Midwest Moment: April Edition

Each month we’ll take a moment…..GET IT…Midwest MOMENT….to share what we’re currently eating, drinking, snacking on, visiting, listening to or reading.


What We’re Eating

Honestly, I wish we could say that we’re eating something healthy and local like asparagus, but the truth is that we’re currently eating a shit ton of fried pickles. I grew up never really liking pickles. Something about the texture or flavor never appealed to me. As I got older, I really started to enjoy a nice CRISP pickle. Don’t even think about a floppy limp pickle. That is awful and sad. We recently discovered the fried pickles at Monk’s and we haven’t looked back. The spicy ranch that comes on the side makes it one of our favorite appetizers! Plus at only $7.99 it’s also one of the best deals around.


What We’re Listening To

Since I literally only listen to Taylor Swift the likelihood that you’ll ever actually get music recommendations here is pretty low. EXCEPT if Taylor Swift publishes a new album, then I’ll be MORE than happy to talk about it. But honestly music really isn’t my thing. It’s loud. It gives me a headache and to be 100% honest I would rather just sit in complete silence or listen to a nice audio book. I never said I was cool or anything….

A few months ago we listened to a This American Life podcast about a flute player who broke into a British museum and stole thousands of dollars worth of dead birds. We were both riveted by the podcast and in complete awe of a story so strange it seemed almost made up.

But NOPE. It’s 100% true.

Then just the other week I discovered that a full length book had been written about the same topic. The Feather Thief follows the same story as the podcast, but dives deeper into the madness behind a fly tying community that is so obsessed with rare and exotic bird feathers, that a 24 year old flute student breaks into a British museum to steal dead birds.

Fair warning that the book starts out slow, but quickly picks up steam about an hour in.

Definitely start with the podcast then read or listen to the book after.